We conduct psychotherapy and meditations sessions both in the office and via Skype.


rubashka3      Our therapists combinе the modern methods of psychotherapy with non-dualistic approach, and with the fundamental ideas of Kabbalah. We teach not to fight with the difficulties but creatively and holistically attend to them, – by changing the negative into а positive we can benefit from our problems both spiritually and psychologically.

We help with:

  • 1. depression and anxiety;
  • 2. low self-esteem;
  • 3. stress;
  • 4. feelings of loneliness and emptiness;
  • 5. alcohol and drug addiction (psychological reprogramming);
  • 6. conflicts in the family and at work.

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“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”- Isaac Newton


Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish teaching that shows how the Divine  wisdom and light are revealed in this world; it helps to discover the meaning and purpose of human existence. In a literal sense, the word Kabbalah means receiving. It teaches how to achieve inner harmony in our lives by studying the universal laws which govern both spiritual and material worlds. In the 20th century, thanks to the work of the great Kabbalist Rav Y. Ashlag (Baal Sulam), Kabbalah has become accessible to everyone seeking spiritual rectification and enlightenment. In our center, we use its unique methods of ‘three lines’ and ‘elevation of sparks’ for spiritual progress and to address the psychological problems.


Meditation is not an escape from this world. It is seeing of ‘what is’ objectively without interference of the past. Meditation is not the immersion of oneself into a self-hypnotic trance. Rather, it is a dissolving of self-induced barriers between the subject and the object, the observer and the observed. Meditation comes through awareness and understanding of oneself. A non-dualistic approach to meditation was introduced and expounded by the famous thinker of our time J. Krishnamurti.


At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, thanks to the works of Z. Freud, a new approach to psychology and psychotherapy appears – psychoanalysis. Later on, many new trends emerge in psychotherapy as a result of the development of psychoanalysis itself and as a reaction to it. One such effective and non-standard approach to psychotherapy that addresses both the treatment of psychological problems and the spiritual, holistic development of man is Gestalt-therapy. It was developed and brilliantly practiced by a prominent psychotherapist F. Perls.


Head of the center Alexander Ladyzhensky conducts online meditations and seminars.


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